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What is it like to hear sound for the 1st time??

Usually humans are born with 5 senses working in tact, maybe they deteriorate in time with the need for glasses or hearing aids. But have you ever wondered what it is like not to have one of those senses?

Never able to hear your wife’s voice or listen to music. basically we take our senses very lightly and you only start to appreciate them when you are put in a situation where you do not have one of these senses.

Now very rarely people are given the opportunity to have their dream come true and get sense. here is a video of a woman in America who had to use hearing aids to hear faint sounds hear herself laugh for the first time. She is quoted as saying that it sounds like white noise even with the hearing aids turned on.

She now doesn’t have to read her daughter’s lips to know what she is saying…… she can listen!

this is a reminder that not everyone is as lucky as us to have everything.

find the article here :Sky News

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