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is 4G heading to the UK?

Reports from the BBC are stating that O2, the mobile network provider is starting a 9 month trial of the 4G network. Could O2 be nestling their baby, preparing it for the nasty world of British telecommunications.


BBC states:

Participants will be given broadband dongles for their computers allowing them access to the 2.6GHz spectrum.

When the network goes into full-time service it will also include the lower frequency 800MHz band which will be freed-up by the UK’s switch from analogue to digital TV.

if you are lucky enough to be part of the Beta testers download speeds will hit 50Mbps but in reality it will hit 10-15Mbps for average users.

Ofcom plans to hold an auction for the LTE radio spectrum towards the end of 2012. However, because the spectrum will not become free until 2013 it will be some time after that before the services can be offered on a commercial basis.

That puts the UK behind other countries including Sweden, South Korea, Germany and the US which have already begun their rollouts.

this is where 4G is being tested

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