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Have you ever seen someone out about with incredibly clean shoes even after hours of clubbing?

have you ever wondered if he/she has a complex related to cleaning or have they found a secret and not bothered to tell anyone?

Well Ross Technology Corp seems to have found that secret. They are a company that specializes in steel products including non-slip flooring, security, and racks.

But to why this is related to clean shoes… they have made a spray which they normally use for protecting their metal from corroding.

The spray actually uses nano particles and is superhydrophobic. That means it repels water and keeps the surface completely dry and stain free.(Shoes and jackets… rejoice!)

While it may keep steel dry, Ross also realized it could be sprayed on products to keep them clean, and also keeps objects free of bacteria and ice. The company even claim you can spray an iPhone with NeverWet and it becomes waterproof.

NeverWet is being turned into a consumer product and will see a release next year, but we should also start seeing it applied to products too.

check out their website here: Ross


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