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Need parking?

Have you ever driven into a car park expecting to find a space straight away, having to drive down level after level to find there is one space left which is reserved as a disabled spot?

Then have you ever gone back to try to find your car and then completely forget where you have parked it?

If your answers were YES to both of these questions, I think… well Volkswagen have the solution for you.

They have a storage facility in Wolfsburg, Germany which is fully automated holds 400 cars. It stores cars in their given spaces without the need for a driver, then when the new car has been bought, the new owner is taken to the customer care desk and awaits his/her turn. The selected car is picked from its parking space and taken at a speed of 2m per second from one of the 20 floors down to the customer. The car appears from behind glass doors, the owner is given the keys to their new car and photos are taken.


Volkswagen have even turned this into a sight-seeing attraction where one can pay a fee of €8 to be whisked through this facility to the 20th floor in a fully air-conditioned glass lift.

If only this could be implemented in hard to park areas.


check it out here: VW 


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