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Looks a little like WYSIWYG.

But this has nothing to do with marketing… this has to do with printing. SWYP stands for See What You Print.

it’s a cool concept coming out from a company called Artefact who are an independently owned partnership dedicated to creating a preferable future for others. This was taken directly off their website.

Now the SWYP is not an everyday boring piece of white appliance. This printer is cool and futuristic and will become a staple product in most homes and maybe offices.

To be innovative, well they simply simplified their designs. you can now radically simply edit and print: it shows people exactly what the printed page will look like, and makes it as simple as possible to edit and format the print. When you print only what you intend, you eliminate the frustration and waste of unwanted prints.

No more wasted paper because you printed your page back to front or upside down. The printer will connect wirelessly to cameras and you can select on-screen what you want to print and what you don’t.

Ever wanted to download a cool photo you found on Flickr…. well now its simple… log onto flickr.. choose the photo and print it out straight away. it’s that easy.

Even the paper tray was re-invented. looking at origami for inspiration they have lined the tray with fabric allowing it to become rigid when folded out. To add to the simplicity, there is no ON/OFF button, simply open the paper tray and its on.

one thing I really like is that you can see the ink cartridges in their industrial format of CMYK that being Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.


There is no price yet as it is still a concept printer… but fingers crossed we will see it on shelves soon.



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