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Spill water on your gadgets?

Do you change your phone once every couple of months because it accidentally fell out of your pocket into the toilet? or that glass of water came out of nowhere?

A company at CES 2012 in Vegas seem to have the solution for it.

They came up with a product known as Liquipel. This is no ordinary product, you can’t go down to the shops and buy it. For this product, you need to send your gadget and they will coat it in this product and send it back to you. The Liquipel site lists 11 different kinds of phones (Apple iPhone 3G through 4S; HTC Evo 4G, Shift 4G, MyTouch 4G and Thunderbolt; Motorola Droid X and X2; and Samsung Charge) that can be treated with the vapor.

Basically they take this molecular liquid and turn it into vapour spreading around the internal and external areas of your gadget encasing it this water repelling gadget. only costs $59.99 and your phone will come back water resistant.

Danny McPhail, co-president of Liquipel, says the coating will outlast your phone. It permanently bonds with your device on a molecular level.

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