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Do you trust your car?

When driving your vehicle, do you have full trust in its abilities, its safety, sturdiness and readiness to keep you alive and going in the right direction on the black?

Audi has revealed a somewhat interesting concept at the CES show this year called ‘Traffic Jam Assistant’.

This piece of tech will know when the driver is in start-stop traffic and will take full control of the steering, acceleration and the braking. (I’m not always comfortable being a passenger in a car, so I can’t see myself letting a computer drive my car.)

The system uses the front-mounted adaptive cruise control sensors combined with wide-angle video cameras to detect lane markings, other vehicles, barriers and pedestrians, and can control the vehicle without any driver intervention up to 37 mph. Eight ultrasonic sensors also keep tabs on what’s in front of and at the sides of the vehicle, with the front sensors not only tracking the vehicle ahead.

this isn’t a completely new concept though, as rival Mercedes-Benz showed it off in their flagship S-Class model last year.

Audi have been busy at CES revealing not only the above but also a new Audi Connect system, a touchpad integrated MMI knob, a new entertainment system along with a couple of new systems for entertainment and safety.


This traffic Jam assistant will be seen on Audi’s Flagship the A8.


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