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Luckiest spectator ever

I have always wondered how many people get run over during rally stages…. The spectators are just crazy!! running with bulls is mad but standing in the path of a speeding rally car in treacherous conditions just to get a good shot in plain silly.

I found a perfect example on autoblog of what i am talking about.

This camera man stands right in the path of a 4×4 when it attempts to tackle a tricky incline followed by a sharp decline. One guy gets knocked over by the 4×4, then carries on to plough into a second camera man. Maybe the driver thought he can get his own back on all the camera man standing in the middle or maybe he just got confused.

Luckily this camera man just rolls out from underneath the vehicle and gets up and walks away still with video camera in hand. can you say determined?? From the commentary of the video, sounds like it is from Russia or somewhere in Eastern Europe.


take a look at the vid below.




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