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Helping those in need!!

Cancer research is one of those charities that hits home for many people. Everyone has a member in their family that has battled or is currently battling cancer. I, personally don’t always feel the need to donate to charity especially when i don’t know what it is like to be in the shoes of the child like for the NSPCC or donating to give people in third world countries water, as these problems have been wired into our system since we were young. But cancer is something that touches home for everyone.

Every 2 mins someone in the UK is told they have cancer.


The reason why i am writing this….. a friend of mine is choosing not to only donate money but to put her body on the line and run 5k for cancer research. if anybody is up for it, i will post the site below and you too can help.

this is what your money can do:

Did you know that 80p in every pound you raise goes directly towards our work to beat cancer? Here are some examples of how your contribution – big or small – can help:

£10 could buy 300 glass slides for studying cells and tumour samples in detail under the microscope.

£30 could buy around 250 plastic Petri dishes. They’re an essential resource for thousands of scientists who are working hard to understand cancer.

£54 could buy 22 thermometers (range -10°C to 110°C) – indispensable for many experiments that need to be performed at very precise temperatures.

£94 could cover the cost for one woman to take part in a clinical trial aiming to improve survival for post-menopausal women with early-stage breast cancer.

£123 could fund one cancer information nurse for a day. Our experienced cancer information nurses provide a confidential service for anyone with concerns about cancer.

£260 could buy a sophisticated microarray, a powerful piece of technology, helping scientists to scrutinise thousands of genes in a single experiment, and identify which are switched on in cancer.

£677 could cover the cost of one person taking part in a clinical trial testing chemotherapy before and after surgery, and the antibody drug Vectibix, to improve survival for bowel cancer patients.

£1,000 could cover around 22 day’s running expenses for an important lab project into a type of children’s cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. The study aims to identify molecules that are involved in driving tumour growth, and this could lead to improved treatments so that more children survive the disease in the future.


take a look at Maxine’s page: here


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