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Garage fit for any car!

Petrol heads all know that when it comes to parking a car in the garage, it can’t just be any old space. it has to be like a second home.

Vault Garage have revolutionized people garages since 2004. The people at Vault garage deal with every aspect of your garage from flooring to lighting and everything in between.

Now after the flooring and the lighting has been put in and your garage is starting to look more like a room, this is where the Vault custom stainless cabinets come in.

They are available in three series: the professional series, the designer series and the forged series and are available in a range of 18-30 different styles.

The professional = The broadest, most complete array of our Highest-Performing products & accessories. This Ultra-Premium Storage System represents the Finest in Professional-Grade Storage.

the designer = Professional-Quality Performance without the commercial look. Ultra-Premium Features in a Sleek, Streamlined Design.

the forged = Efficient Construction & Affordable High-Performance Materials delivers Quality Storage at a Fair Price. FORGED Cabinets are an Exceptional Value.

These three lines are all made from stainless steel and bespoke and are ready for the many years of abuse by men with oily hands.


Check out their site: here


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