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HuMn Wallet

Was checking out this cool site called which gives entrepreneurs a chance to display their products/ ideas and ask for backing to push them into production.

When scouring the site i came across this cool concept known as the HuMn wallet. This is not any normal wallet as it incorporates: a wallet, money clip and credit card holder all into one. As an added bonus it stops those naughty people from stealing your information with RFID scanners.

The design is quite simplistic yet brilliant at the same time. It is two sheets of aircraft grade aluminum or carbon fibre deepening on how generous you are feeling towards to the two creators. These two sheets are then held together by a shock cord strap with HuMn engraved on a metal plate.

so if you guys want to get your hands on one of these RFID killing, back saving, slimline wallets head over here.


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