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Race track coasters

Not every motoring enthusiast likes to show off his/her hobby to the world when they come to visit. But then there are those people who couldn’t care less, wearing logos on t-shirts saying ‘heel toe hero’ and so on. These are the sorts of people who would have a set of coasters with six of the best race tracks embossed into them.

And I am one of those people!

Griot’s Garage created these wonderful coasters. they are a company set in Tacoma, in the good ol’ USA established in 1988. from their website, I can tell that they are passionate about their cars and provide products to help keep your motor pristine.

getting back to the coasters; they come in packs of six. These coasters are machined from layered HDPE and feature six of the finest race tracks in the world: Monaco, Spa, Laguna Seca, Road America, Watkins Glen, and the Modern Nürburgring. Now I know of four but no idea about Road America and Watkins Glen. Maybe Pikes peak should find its way onto the second edition.

The cost a decent price of $39.99 and are in stock. Go get these bad boys from here.

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