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Nest learning thermostat

Thermostats aren’t really items that people could call stylish. They are there simply to adjust the temperature of the house. the thermostat is normally hidden away in a cupboard or by the boiler. But the man who invented the iPod Tony Fadell disagrees. He re-invented the thermostat to look as cool as the music machine that created a sensation so long ago.

He is now working at it alone at his company known as Nest Labs. he took his innovativeness from Apple and set about making thermostats stylish.

it is as stylish as the original iPod if not more so. it’s a round screen which learns how you like your surroundings. it has an outer dial which you can twist to arrange the temperature. cooling the room down, the thermostat turns blue, heating it up it turns fiery red. there is even a green leaf which helps the user to set the thermostat to the optimal conservative settings.

Elements of Apple kept with Mr. Fadell as he even includes a custom screw driver to allow you to install it. Fadell says. “Apple taught me not to cut corners, and that you don’t give up on user experience–ever.”

Nest Thermostat is packed with software that analyzes and tracks your usage patterns over time, so that you only have to twist that dial a dozen times before the thermostat can simply anticipate your climate-control needs and take care of it automatically.

as with most products now a days, this thermostat can be altered through most devices such as your laptop or smart phone. it will even show you your energy consumption. this little bugger even connects to your Wi-Fi connection and checks the weather forecast so it can understand your energy use.

the Nest Learning Thermostat, which will retail for $249.99 starting in November.



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