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Ixoost – Exhaust speakers

Every man and boy understands the true nature of glorious sound, be it the purring of an engine or a great guitar solo. in the past speakers and cars only ever joined up for the interior of the car. Now a great team from Modena in Italy has joined the two together. on their website they quote a rapper named Drake who states  “the sound of a 12-cylinder engine should be listened to as if it were a symphony”.

The name iXoost comes from the English pronunciation of the word “exhaust”, the first dock station dreamed up by Matteo Panini and designed by Mirco Pecorari.

They felt he was completely right and combined the exhaust manifold of a V8, V10 or a V12 to an iPod dock turning that bad boy into the coolest sound dock there is on the market. There is something I need to clarify here. Modena is home to the great Ferrari factory which is automotive pornography, but this is a mesh of engineering, automotive and audio pornography.

all three docks have a 2x28mm speakers, 2x25mm, 1×100 mm and 1x200mm subwoofers then 4x70w amplifiers and 1x140w active amp.

Every iXoost base out of a solid block of aluminum and then milled into the beautiful base. when ordering the dock, the customers can choose Various anodizing treatments coupled with various leathers with contrasting stitching that are but a few of the variants to choose from to create your own tailor-made iXoost.

Unfortunately i have not been able to find a price, but by the looks of things this is a piece of kit where if you are thinking about buying one you can afford it.

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