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Espresso Rocket

In today’s day and age it is quite hard to find an adult who does not respect and enjoy a well prepared espresso.

The people at Shapeways have allowed one designers vision to make a cooler espresso cup. one which does not release its heat onto the surface it is resting.

This coffee cup is known as the espresso rocket. it has three fins at the bottom of the cup to secure it off the ground and surprisingly it has no handle to pick it up. this could lead to a few problems when it comes to drinking.

But as espresso coffee is known to most workers as fuel, it is only fitting to drink it out of a rocket.

Shapeways give you options for which material you would like to have your coffee cup made out of. The cheapest is glazed ceramic which is priced at a hefty €38.

if you would like to purchase it check it out here


rocket espresso cup

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