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New Audi S3 – First Look

This week in the motoring world, people have been drooling over the new releases by the british car manufacturers, McLaren and Jaguar, with the P1 and F-Type respectively.

but let’s be true to ourselves here. Not many of us will be able to afford the F-Type and I can guarantee that only a handful of people will seriously consider the hyper car.

so this brings me to the Germans and their hot hatch capabilities. I present to you the all new Audi S3 with a whopping 300bhp. what makes this car stand out for me….. its subtlety.

Seeing it on the street, most people wont look twice at it. its only aesthetic giveaways, silver door mirrors and the quad exhausts. really and truly there are more cues to pick up on, however only trained eyes and avid enthusiasts will know the difference between the S3 and a simple A3.

18 inch wheels come as standard on this S3, as do Xenons and LED daylight running lights which can be linked to the satnav for some odd reason…. something about catering for the driving environments. I thought road was the only driving environment.

interior wise, Audi never disappoint, lots of leather with S3 embroided into the seats and whilst keeping themselves true to their rally pedigree they have fitted a flat-bottomed steering wheel. The silver wing mirrors and the Quattro system have become synonymous with ‘S brand’.

to the engine…. what people are most looking forward to hearing about.

2.0L TFSI engine churning out 296BHP enabling it to hit 62mph in 5.1 secs.

sounds like a hot hatch, looks like a hot hatch, does it drink like a hot hatch?

Well as technology has been progressing, more than ever in these past five years, the S3 claims to do 40mpg which is pretty frugal for a hot hatch.

The car is a little lighter, sits a little lower than the previous model and Audi have fettled with the exhaust so you don’t sound like a hooligan driving around town at low revs.

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