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The Mclaren P1

I can’t call myself a pistonhead if I don’t write anything about the Mclaren F1 and MP4-12C‘s successor. The Mclaren P1 was unveiled in Paris for the 2012 Paris Motor show among a lot of hype.

Described as the best driver’s car on the road and track, it will have set high expectations in the minds of those ready to fork out their hard-earned cash in late 2013 when it first rolls out of McLaren‘s pristine factory or should i call it a laboratory.

Full details on what will power the P1 have been kept behind closed doors by McLaren staff, however they have let off that it will target 600bhp per tonne as a power to weight ratio. so looking at other production cars you are looking at quickness of an Ariel Atom and power somewhat close to a Bugatti Veyron. Sounds pretty Bonkers. Now in a hypercar, it is not only about sheer power, downforce plays a big part to stop the back-end of the car taking off and helping it slow down. Figures for downforce are at 600kg at as quoted by Mclaren ‘well below maximum speed’ around 5 times more than the current MP4-12C.

In terms of design, if you felt that the MP4-12C was a little understated and seemed to be outshone by other super cars, then this definitely won’t. It will stand out like a sore thumb but in a good way. more like a beautiful woman walking along the high street and every suit stops to stare. McLaren stepped out to say the design of the car is solely for a purpose, no line is created just for beauty, they all have a purpose to help it go quicker, stop quicker and corner better.

Every car firm always shows its cars in a specific colour suiting to the brand. Lamborghini use flamboyant colours like green and yellow, Ferrari have their signature Ferrari Rosso and it looks as if McLaren are joining suit with a Burnt Orange colour to their road cars.

Now to the tech in the car, the sat-nav will know if you are driving on the road or the track, and will send information to the rest of the car to set up the aero package for either surface. hopefully when we are allowed views of the cabin can we check out the full tech available to this car.

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