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Honda NSX concept

Honda NSX Concept 2The Honda NSX concept was first unveiled back in 2012 at the Detroit motor show, and now in 2013 at the Frankfurt motor show. It has been said that the next time Honda show the car, it will be production ready.  The car will be launched in 2015  rivalling Nissan’s GTR, the Porsche 911 GT3 and BMW’s new i8 cars. To compete with such mammoth competition, Honda have mated the mid mounted V6 engine with three electric motors.

The main electric motor assists the combustion engine driving the rear wheels via a  seven speed dual clutch gearbox with a rumoured power output of 400bhp.  The other two smaller electric motors are mated to the front axle to create an all wheel drive system which Honda have named the SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive).

Development chief Ted Klaus of Honda, stated that, ” the NSX must stay true to the role it created, of being an everyday exotic. That means we must only use the new tech to support the driver to live with the car every day, and to give the driver a car with the depth of abilities that they can peel away with familiarity.”

Klaus later went on to say, “We are not looking to chase numbers on paper – as with the original NSX we won’t have the most powerful car in the category, for instance, but we believe the human element is more important than that. Whatever we do, the driver must be at the centre of the experience, not the car.”

Prices are rumoured to hover around the £100,000 mark pitting the NSX against the Audi R8.

If you can’t wait till 2015 for the new NSX and have money burning a hole in your pocket, you can pick up this tidy 2004 V6 NSX from here.

Honda NSX Concept 5 Honda NSX Concept 6

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