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The Green Oval

Land Rover‘s image has evolved a great deal since the inception of the original back in 1947. Based on a Willis jeep, Maurice Wilks created the Land Rover, which he wanted to use on his vast farmland. Now the average Land Rover  owner not only uses their vehicle off-road, but tends to use it a lot on road as well.

Ford’s ownership of Land Rover wasn’t kind to their brand image, however Tata Tata motors has allowed Jaguar Land Rover to flourish, by keeping the brands in Britain. According to Tata, they are British brands that belong to Britain.

When Tom McCahill a famed New York journalist tested a Land Rover in 1960, he stated that the vehicle “is as rugged as a cement casket”.

To keep up the rugged feel of Land Rover, when cars nowadays are become more and more luxurious and somewhat softer by nature, LR keep feeding their vehicles into Motorsport. Most recently Land Rover announced that they are going to continue sponsoring Race2Recovery. Race2Recovery is the only disabled rally raid team in the world. The team will enter two defender based Bowler Wildcats in the 2014 Dakar rally. Land Rover will provide parts, logistics, vehicle and financial support throughout the 2014 campaign.

Land Rover had made a strategic partnership with Bowler Motorsport back in 2012 forging the path for a Motorsport series known as the Defender Challenge whereby competition prepared Land Rover Defenders are used in a seven round rally series across the UK.

Today, Land Rover has gone from rugged work horse to Industrial chic. If its good enough for royalty, its good enough for everyone else.

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