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Ode to the Defender

942233_RP - Land Rover Defender (4 of 91)RHD

Starting off life as a sketch on a beach in Wales in 1947, one of the greatest off-road vehicles was born. The Land Rover. Originally built to fill a market gap, the Land Rover changed the world in regards to off-road vehicles. In honour of the success of the global brand, Land Rover has released three special editions of the Defender in 90 and 110 guises before production ends in December 2015.


The Heritage Edition

Inspired by early models and the original Land Rover ‘HUE 166’, it adds modern creature comforts to a vintage design. Distinguished by its special Grasmere Green paint work with contrasting white roof. A heritage grille and HUE 166 graphics also identify the model. It will be made available in showrooms by August in a limited number of 400 examples for the UK with prices starting at £27,800.


Autobiography Edition

As of late, most SUV owners barely take their car out of the city let alone off-road. Land Rover have taken note and have created the Autobiography model which is said to be more powerful, more luxurious and more comfortable than any other Defender to come before it. Identifiable by its unique duo-tone paint work, windsor leather interior and increased power and torque output. Only 80 of these will be made available in the UK and only in the 90 station wagon guise. Don’t expect to see any of them getting muddy as they start at £61,845.


Adventure Edition

When Maurice Wilks first created the Land Rover, its sole purpose was to conquer any terrain and the Adventure Edition wants to celebrate that attitude. Fitted with heavy-duty under body protection for the side sills and sump as well as Goodyear MT/R tyres allow the driver to push the boundaries that little bit further. Fitted with a leather interior, unique Adventure decals and three distinct colour variations. The Adventure edition carries the Defender Expedition Roof rack, rear access ladder and is fitted with a snorkel for deep water wading. 600 models will be available in the UK in both 90 and 110 station wagon guises starting at £43,495.

Even though the Defender’s production run will come to a close after 67 years, many of them will be running for generations to come.

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