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Autodromo Intereuropa: WATCHES

Autodromo, a watch company that expresses the spirit of motoring through watches blending together a contemporary, minimalist sensibility with mid-century vintage character, has released an update to one of its lines. Well I say update, it is a new dial colour and it stunning.

The Autodromo Intereuropa with a Nassau Blue dial. Taking its name from the Coppa Intereuropa held at Monza for sporting coupes from 1949-1964 was a support race for the Italian Grand Prix. Cars from the stables of Italian manufacturers that didn’t look out of place on track or in an art gallery. This dual purpose is what inspired this timepiece.

The watch is fitted with a Swiss ETA 7001 manual movement with a Nassau blue dial and a K1 glass chapter ring with 3D numbering inspired by 1950s gauges. It is partnered with a Saffiano leather rally strap, made famous when it was patented by Prada in 1913 for its leather luggage sets.

Each watch comes in a presentation box made of lacquered wood polished to an automotive shine, and adorned with a cloisonné badge.Along with that Autodromo will include a collectible poster designed for the 1957 Coppa Intereuropa. The price for this model? $1,250 excluding VAT.

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