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IKEA wants to buy back your old furniture

IKEA, the king of flat-pack furniture has entered the reseller market. The company is ready to purchase your furniture back and resell it, as part of its green initiative. Simple as. The initiative will launch to coincide with Black Friday.

There are a couple of stipulations as part of the program, it can’t be used as your personal waste disposal system. IKEA asks that only IKEA furniture – drawer units, tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, shelving and cupboards can be sold back to IKEA, even if they are no longer on sale and it has to be assembled. Even they know how frustrating it is to assemble flat-pack furniture.

The process is otherwise pretty straightforward, fill in a form with personal information, information on the furniture you are selling whilst providing four photographs showing the condition as well as informing which store you will drop it off to.

From there, an expert from IKEA will value your item. Then you’ll receive an email indicating whether IKEA wants to buy it and the valuation based on the current price. According to a report by the BBC; “As new” items, with no scratches, will get 50% of the original price, “very good” items, with minor scratches, will get 40% and “well used”, with several scratches, will get 30%.

Then if you accept the offer, just take the item to the IKEA store. If you had disassemble it, tools will be provided to put it back together again in-store. It will be checked it matches the photos provided and you will receive an IKEA gift card whilst the item goes on sale in the Bargain Section.

The initiative is said to run in 27 countries around the globe including the UK on November 24th.

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