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Breitling to introduce folding watchbox made of recycled bottles

Sustainability initiatives are everywhere and the likes of conglomerates pushing out their own green initiatives paves the way for sustainability to form part of everyday life. Breitling watches has pushing for new ways of reducing the environmental footprint of its packaging and the company had reduced the size of its boxes and reduced the number of elements in the packaging.

This is the next step. Breitling has announced its new foldable, reusable watch box made entirely from recycled bottles. It isn’t just the fact that the box can be reused and recycled once users are done with it, but, it can be shipped to retailers flat meaning a reduction in transport-related CO2 emissions of over 60% compared to those generated by the shipment of its original watch box. Another added benefit is that, the pillow inside the box has been given a second purpose with a design that allows it to be used as a travel pouch

The sustainable packaging has already been awarded the Efficient Solution Label, given by the Solar Impulse Foundation to solutions that have a positive impact on the environment and the economy. Expect to see Breitling watches to be packaged in these new sustainable boxes early 2021.

If as a Breitling customer you still would like the old-fashioned heavy box, it can be requested but customers will be asked to offset the environmental impact of their choice by making a voluntary contribution to SUGi.

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